Stylish Living in Studio Apartments

Finally you have your own space even if it is not the biggest space for many. For many people who live in a studio apartment the issue with the space is getting furniture and furnishings that fit. So here are some few ideas to help you make your space your own kingdom.


Yes, we know you don’t actually have a bedroom in a studio, but we suggest you make one part of the room the “bedroom” area. Most of your budget will go to furnishing this part of your space. A decent quality mattress/box spring set and a bed frame with storage underneath will eat at least half of your budget. (For tips on buying your first mattress, check out this article from our blogger Alissa.) When purchasing your mattress, test it out in a store before buying and always purchase from a company you can trust and that has a reputation for providing warranties and standing up behind their product. A few of our online favorite stores that do just that: 1-800-Mattress, Macy’s, and Ikea. After the mattress is bought, then worry about filling up your space with smaller, less important furniture items like a nightstand and a dresser.

Tip: Before you buy a mattress, measure doorways and stairwells to make sure the mattress can be delivered to your apartment. While the mattress may bend a little to get around a corner, the box spring does not. If your apartment has room for a queen mattress, but stairwell is tight, ask if there is an option for a split box spring.

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Living in a studio apartment is one thing trying to make a home office inside there is another thing. This does not mean that it is impossible. You simply need to think without a box.


1.Under The Bed

If you don’t have anywhere to put your office desk in your small apartment, then this will be the perfect solution for you. All you need is a loft bed and you can put your office desk underneath it.

2.Hanging Laptop Organizer / Computer Desk

Perfect idea for a small apartment is a hanging work station! You can put it anywhere in the apartment, where ever you have some free space.

3.Bookshelf Desk

You can’t even say that this is the office! It blends in perfectly with rest of the apartment! It’s really the simplest solution for a home office!

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Living stylishly in a studio demands that you become rich in creative ideas. Your kitchen is not left out of this equation.
Cut the Corners: If you are designing a kitchen from scratch, galley (or walk-through) kitchens are efficient layouts that don’t leave lots of dead space. If you already have an L-shaped floorplan, consider corner kitchen drawers, or lazy Susans inside your cabinets, to make awkward spots more functional.

Reflective Surfaces: Install mirrors wherever possible, to add the illusion of more space.

Backsplash Shelving: The wall area above your counters, or over the range, is one more place to eke out storage, in addition to cabinets. Small shelves are the perfect solution for keeping things you use regularly within reach, like spices or cookbooks.

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