Design Ideas And Tips For Miniature Gardens

The new trend in gardening is miniature gardens which make use of various elements to create arrangements in flowerpots and or other small containers. These miniature gardens are ideal for building airy gardens. They reflect the charm and beauty of natural settings using plants and accessories to create tiny landscapes with rich details.

Fairy gardens are tiny spaces that are filled with plants, flowers, and decorations. These can grow in a large planter, planter box or they can be arranged in a raised garden bed. Really, they can grow in any small space that you would like to make use of in your yard. The video tutorial will teach you all the basic steps that you need to make a fairy garden with a terra cotta planter.

The tutorial goes over painting the planter and preparing the soil. You will see how to best select and arrange plants so as to create an appealing display. You will also get inspired with many ideas for making your miniature garden an expression of your own tastes and styles.

Think up a theme on your own and follow through on it with the techniques you learn in the video. You can make a truly unique fairy garden in your miniature planter. One tip is to think of ways to add details to the planter so that they are to scale. You can add a tiny dollhouse chair for instance in the middle of your miniature garden that is at the perfect height for any fairy to relax in.

You may want to add more dimension to your space by adding taller plants together with shorter ones. If you can, create or make use of a larger open space in your yard to add smaller gardens in containers. You can vary the planters in this space to make it more eye-catching. Create miniature gardens in wheelbarrows, tin buckets, terra cotta planters or wide-mouth glass jars. Baby tubs or bowls are also great spaces for miniature gardens.

Add a tiny fence to set off a segment of your miniature garden. Add figurines of fairies and alternate moss with tiny gravel for ground cover. Always make sure you arrange the garden with holes at the bottom so that they drain well.

Fairy gardens are more than just a beautiful arrangement of plants and flowers. They are also full of details and decorations that reflect your personal style. Visit Palmate Gardening’s store on for more supplies and ideas.